There are two company types: Hacked. Yet to be hacked.

Which one is yours?



Your business

Your responsibility

If you are not sure what cyber-hygiene is

or how it enables businesses to thrive,

this webinar series is for you.

Our experts explain why cyber-resilience

is a business game-changer

which streamlinies & safe-guards,

you, your business, your clients and your customers data.

CEOs and leadership teams must

invest in and experience cyber-hygiene first hand.



Vitaly Yakushev

Sinead Hewson (host)


DATE: Multiple sessions in 2019


START TIME: 10 AM CET (150 mins)

What You will Learn

Cyber-hygiene gives business the power to leverage technology

helping you and your team save time, resources and grow sales


Why cyber-security is the responsibility of the CEO and leadership team today


Which cyber risk management approaches are most effective


How to make your company cyber-stable


Why cybersecurity Awareness must be generated from the top


Practical cases and true stories about companies damaged through cyber incidents


Cybersecurity is a priority, not an afterthought

Cyber-risk takes second place amongst all business risks. Its rating continues to grow. Creating a robust cybersecurity strategy is a must.

VITALY YAKUSHEV Operations Director 10Guards

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About the Presenters

Vitaly Yakushev

Vitaly has over 15 years experience building national and international information systems and is COO of 10Guards. The company helps organisations become cyber-resilient maintaining the balance between safety and flexibility for customers. 10Guards acts as a consultant, educator and ethical hacker for SMEs, start ups and multi-nationals. Cyber-resilience is top-of mind for businesses globally, 10Guards and TpEBO have partnered to deliver workshops, and training to help CEOs, technology and leadership teams make informed decisions for their business

Sinead Hewson

Sinead works with leaders on the human side of change, speifically on how to deliver more with less resources and leveraging new technology. Cyber-resilience is an emerging topic in the boardroom requires insight and understanding. 10Guards & TpEBO are partnering to deliver webinars and workshops to build understanding of the issue from a leadership perspective.

Tap into the opportunities

cyber-hygiene creates